Leaders speak to influence and inspire audiences – to change how they think and feel and act. Chris Witt’s programs, speeches, and presentations show leaders how to make the best use of one of their most powerful leadership tools: they speeches they give all the time.

Leaders don’t want the same advice everyone else gets about speaking, tips better suited for beginners. They want a combination of insight and practical advice. They want to listen to a speaker who is experienced enough to change the very way they think about speaking and practical enough to show them exactly what to do in order to speak more powerfully.

excecutive-speech-coaching1. Speeches that challenge and empower leaders: Chris Witt gives speeches and presentations specifically designed for leaders and aspiring leaders – smart, accomplished people – who are motivated to take their speaking to the next level.

2. Presentation that show emerging leaders how to position themselves as leaders: People who are being cultivated for positions of leadership need to look and sound like a leader every time they speak. Chris Witt’s presentations focus both on leadership development and on public speaking.

In the pages that follow you’ll find information about the keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and workshops that Chris Witt provides.

Public Speaking Training and Workshops
This workshop allows participants to practice and improve their presentation skills in a safe, no-fail, fast-paced environment.

How Leaders Speak
The higher you rise in an organization, the more frequently you speak. And the more there is at stake. This presentation will help you rethink why and how you speak.

DISC Workshop
Leaders need to motivate people and to improve the way their people communicate and work together. This workshop will help leaders understand people’s different behavioral styles and how to bring out the best both from individuals and from teams.

Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint
Leaders speak not to communicate information or data but to influence people – to shape the way they think and feel – and to inspire audiences – to move them to action. This presentation will dramatically improve the persuasive power of your speaking.

The Three Speeches Every Leader Needs
Leaders need a “stump speech” – something that’s good enough to give over and over again – that addresses 1) “Who We Are” (articulating the organization’s IDENTITY), 2) “Why We Do What We Do” (promoting the organization’s VALUES), and 3) “Where We Are Headed” (advancing organization’s MISSION).