Quick Summary

Leaders speak to influence and inspire their audiences: to change the way people think and feel and act.

A well-crafted, well-delivered speech is the single most significant tool at a leader’s command. It can move to embrace your organization’s goals and to work toward their realization.

“Chris drew the largest crowd we have had at a meeting in over a year. He has such well-developed presentation and delivery skills—he is a role model for us all!”

-Barb Mather, Program Chair
Institute of Management Consultants, Southern California Chapter

Program Outline: Speak Like a Leader

Sharing stories, examples, and case studies, Chris Witt explains how speaking like a leader builds on three simple, but profound directives.

    1. Embody the message.
      Who you are—your experience, personality, values, outlook, and your sense of humor—shape how people hear what you say. Your words only have power when they are in sync with what people know of you. The key, while speaking, is to be yourself…at your best.
    2. Campaign for change.
      Leaders speak to bring about some change: to change how people think, feel, and—ultimately—act. Powerful speeches answer two questions: 1) What do you want your audience to do? and 2) Why would they want to do it?
    3. Tell stories.
      Stories are, in the words of Harvard Business Professor Howard Gardner, “the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.” They engage people’s imaginations and emotions. They’re memorable. And they impart wisdom and inspiration without sounding preachy.

Target Audiences for Speak Like a Leader

“Speak Like a Leader: How to Influence and Inspire Audiences” is designed for leaders (CEOs, presidents, executives, directors, business owners, self-employed entrepreneurs) and for those who are being groomed for leadership positions.

Chris Witt has spoken to a variety of industries—high tech, biotechnology, healthcare, telecommunications, defense, construction, hospitality, utilities, banking, universities, business consultants, nonprofits, and professional associations.

“Chris Witt was the highest rated speaker at the annual convention of the Association of Dressings and Sauces. His plenary session struck just the right note with our audiences: it was both educational and entertaining. He was easy to work with and professional in every way”

-Wanda Jurlina, Technical Service Manager. CPKelco

Program Outcomes

Audience members will…

    1. Change how they think about giving speeches. They will see a speech not as a dreaded undertaking, but as an opportunity to exercise their leadership.
    2. Learn strategies and techniques that will help them speak with more confidence and authority.
    3. Feel empowered, encouraged, and energized to speak in a way that advances their goals and the goals of their organizations.

Program Format

  • Keynote Speech (30 to 60 Minutes) covers these topics, giving illustrations and how-tos.
  • Workshop (Half Day to Two Full Days) goes into each topic in more depth and coaches participants through exercises designed to improve their ability to speak like a leader.

“Thanks to Chris, I’m able to deliver professional briefings — to three- and four-star generals, Members of Congress, and leaders of foreign armed forces — in a manner that not only gets my message across but also keeps the listener’s attention.”

Matt McCarthy, Fr. Lewis Mission Support Training Facility

Speaker’s Authority

Christopher Witt is the author of the international bestselling Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint: How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas (Crown Business). It has been published in the UK, China, India, Brazil, Australia, Holland, Thailand, and South Africa.

He is a Certified Management Consultant® and a Board Certified Coach®. He specializes in working with leaders who want to influence and inspire audiences and with high-level technical experts who want to win people’s attention, respect, and cooperation.

He is recognized as a leader among his peers in speaking and consulting, having presented programs to the National Speakers Association, the Institute of Management Consultants, the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, and the UK Speechwriters Guild.


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