The higher leaders rise in an organization, the more frequently they speak. And the greater the stakes.

Program Objectives

In this program participants will learn:

  1. WHY the main objective of every speech they give is to influence
  2. WHAT they can do to increase their impact
  3. HOW they can speak more influentially every time

“My first big speech as CEO was at our 20th anniversary celebration — with over 500 people in attendance. Chris Witt helped me give a speech I’m proud of.”
Norma Diaz, Community Health Group

Program Outline

  • A leader’s primary mission is to influence people.
    Various definitions and models of leadership, no matter how dissimilar, share a common assumption: leaders are responsible for influencing others – for changing how they think and feel so that, ultimately, they will change how they act.
  • Speaking is a leader’s most effective tool of influence.
    Whether they’re giving an impromptu pep talk or a major presentation, leaders have the opportunity to influence their listeners.
  • The three speeches every leaders need present:
    “Who We Are” — Articulates the organization’s IDENTITY.
    “Why We Do What We Do” — Promotes the organization’s VALUES.
    “Where We Are Headed” — Advances the organization’s MISSION.
  • Each speech has four elements:
    Stand-Alone Truth — a one-sentence summary of the speech’s core message
    Story — a way of illustrating the stand-alone truth
    Evidence — three to five points that substantiate or explain the stand-alone truth
    Call to Action — a way for a particular audience to apply the stand-alone truth

Program Format

  1. Keynote Speech (45 Minutes to 1 Hour) covers these topics, giving illustrations and how-tos.
  2. Workshop (Half- to Full-Day) delves more deeply into each topic and helps participants develop one of the three speeches.


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