Contracts – large contracts – can be won or lost in the hour or two that your technical experts are speaking.

An oral proposal is too important to leave to technical experts who understand the scope of the technical solution but who don’t know how to talk about it in a way that sells it to the customer.

They need the help of an orals coach to make the best use of their time and

1. An oral proposal is a technical presentation. Chris Witt shows technical experts how to plan, create, and deliver a presentation about sophisticated and complex issues in a clear and understandable way.

2. An oral proposal is a job interview. Customers want to know if they trust your people and will enjoy working with them. Chris Witt will help your people present not just their ideas, but themselves in a winning way.

3. An oral proposal is a sales presentation. Technical experts never want to think of themselves as giving a sales presentation. Chris Witt will help them sell themselves and their ideas without feeling like they’re selling out.

Orals Coaching (Coaching for an Oral Proposal)

In the pages that follow you’ll find more about how Chris Witt coaches teams who are sent in to make an oral proposal as part of the process of winning a large contract.

Team Coaching for Oral Proposals
Depending on your team’s needs and resources, Chris Witt, an orals coach with experience on over 200 proposals, will lead them through any or every phrase of a six-step process for planning and delivering a winning oral proposal.

Individual Coaching for Oral Proposals
If you are a technical expert chosen to be part of a team making an oral proposal, you may benefit from working one-on-one with an experienced orals coach.

Coaching for Technical Presenters
Technical experts know what they’re talking about, but they often have trouble knowing how to talk about it in a way that other people can understand and put to use. Chris Witt works with engineers, scientists, programmers, and the like who want to communicate their ideas more effectively and persuasively.