Communication skills are some of the most highly prized and sought-after skills in business. And they are equally essential at home.

As professionals rise higher in an organization, communication skills become more important, not less.

Witt Communications provides executive speech coaching, coaching for technical experts, and presentations for professionals who want to improve their communication skills.

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Here are some tips for improving your communication skills.

7 Principles of Influence
Influence is the art of winning people’s cooperation when you do not have, or do not want to use, the authority to make them do what you want them to do.

How to Remember Names
One of the best ways to make a favorable first impression — and to get ahead socially or in business — is to remember people’s names. You can improve your ability to remember names if you follow these four steps.

The Listening Leader
Today’s leaders don’t have all the answers. (How can they?) But they do know how to find the answers and, more importantly, how to help others find the answers. Leaders today are listeners. They listen up, down, and all around their organization.

Strategic Listening
Sometimes we don’t understand people, because we’re not listening — or not listening well. But sometimes we don’t understand them, because we’re not hearing what they want to communicate. We’re not listening to the right level.

The Listening Quiz
How are YOUR listening skills? To determine your listening quotient, take this quiz.

How to Manage Anger
Anger is one of the most primal and complex feelings in the range of human emotions. Although it is neither good nor bad, its misuse undermines trust, loyalty, and teamwork.

How to Never Lose an Argument
The only way you can make sure you never lose an argument, to paraphrase Dale Carnegie, is to avoid getting into one in the first place.

How to Resolve Conflict
If you view conflict as something that shouldn’t happen, it becomes negative. And then you avoid it. But if you see conflict as an opportunity to strengthen relationships, it becomes positive.

People-Smart Skills Pay the Bills
To succeed in today’s workplace, it’s not enough to be smart, technically savvy, and experienced. You also need to be people-smart to get along well with people and bring out their best.

Test Your Communication Skills
How are YOUR communication skills? Test your communications quotient with this quiz.