Leaders speak – or they should speak – to make a difference, promote a vision, and change the way people think and feel and act. Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint (Crown Business) shows readers – whether they’re CEOs or PTA presidents, small business owners or sale reps, middle managers or techno geeks – how to influence and inspire audiences every time they speak.

This book isn’t just about speaking. It’s about leadership and about how all people – even if they don’t have the title or position of leader – can present themselves and their ideas with more impact.

“By gearing his expertise to leaders who must wean themselves from PowerPoint and similar business crutches, communications consultant Witt has struck figurative gold.” -Booklist

In chapters that can be read in five minutes or less and in a book that can be read in one sitting, Chris Witt shows readers how to capture an audience’s attention and win their cooperation by using the strategies and techniques real leaders use.

tanbookiconReal Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint is divided into four sections, which offer insights and practical advice to help you improve :

  1. A Great Person: Who you are shapes what your listeners hear.
  2. A Noteworthy Event: It’s your responsibility to make not only the speech but the entire event a success.
  3. A Compelling Message: Build each speech around one Big Idea.
  4. A Masterful Delivery: Project your best self as powerfully as possible.


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