Whenever possible, schedule a Red Team review two days before your actual presentation. Treat it like a full dress rehearsal, following all the rules established by the customer.

The red team should be composed of experts familiar with the project, the customer, and the technical issues. Ask them to act as if they are selection committee.

You want the Red Team to balance objective criticism with impartial support. Their criticism will identify weaknesses and gaps in your proposal and ways to rectify them in the short time you have available. Their support will build up your confidence.

Give the Red Team copies of the RFP’s evaluation criteria. (Federal FRPs list their criteria in section 15.3.)

You can also give them a copy of the “Red Team’s C4SR Evaluation Form”™, developed by Witt Communications.

Ask them to mark Y for Yes and N for N by each question and to use the blank space to add their comments.

A Red Team’s C4SR
(Clear, Complete, Compliant, Convincing,
Selling, and Responsive)


Y N Did the introduction clearly explain the structure and content of the presentation?
Y N Were the main topics presented in a logical flow?
Y N Did you understand all the elements of the proposed solution?
Y N Were the slides easy to read and understand?
Y N Were all unclear terms – jargon, etc. – immediately explained?


Y N Did the presentation satisfactorily address all the issues raised in the RFP?
Y N Were any issues overlooked or only partially addressed?


Y N Did the presentation comply with the RFP’s specifications?


Y N Do you believe the proposed solution will solve the customer’s problems or achieve their goals?
Y N Did you find the individual presenters credible as technical experts?
Y N Did you find the individual presenters personally trustworthy?


Y N Did the presentation sell you on the team and its ability to help the customer solve their problems
and/or achieve their goals?
Y N Did the presentation identify the benefits of the team’s proposed solution?
Y N Did the team differentiate itself from the competition?
Y N Would you award them the contract?


Y N Does the proposed solution conform in all material respects to the RFP?

# # #

Chris Witt is an presentations coach based in San Diego who specializes in providing team coaching for oral proposals. For more information, contact us.