Technical experts — professionals who have in-depth knowledge that is specific to a specialized field — know what they’re talking about. But they often don’t know how to talk about it. At least, not in a way that other people can understand and put to use.

Chris Witt works with technical experts — scientists, researchers, engineers, programmers, analysts, and the like — who want to make more effective presentations. He understands how they think, what they value, and why they present themselves and their ideas the way they do. More importantly, he knows how to work with them in a way that allows them to rethink what they’re doing.

Chris Witt’s presentations (breakout sessions or training programs) and keynote speeches help technical experts give clearer and more persuasive technical presentations.

His presentations and speeches always address, in one way or another, these themes…tech-pres

1. Technical presentations have to be clear, relevant, and useful. Audiences have to understand what you’re talking about, know how it applies to them and their situations, and be able to use it in a way that helps them solve a problem or achieve a goal.

2. Technical presentations have to be persuasive. The goal of a technical presentation isn’t simply to communicate information. It’s to persuade people to do something with the information.

3. Technical presenters have to be human. Your PowerPoint slides are only an aid to your presentation. You — your knowledge, experience, human interaction — are at the core of what you communicate.

Presentations and Speeches for Technical Experts

In the pages that follow you’ll find more about Chris Witt’s programs for technical experts. He gives 45-minute to one-hour keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and half-day to two-day training programs.

Presentation Training for Technical Experts
This presentation workshop helps technical experts communicate complex material in a way that wins an audience’s understanding, respect, and cooperation.

How to Plan, Organize, and Deliver a Persuasive Technical Presentation
In this program participants will learn how to 1) plan a winning strategy for each presentation, 2) deliver a presentation with confidence, 3) maintain an audience’s interest and understanding, 4) turn the Q&A session to their advantage, and 5) increase their value to their organization.

The New Rules of Technical Presentations
In this program participants will learn 1) WHY giving presentations is an essential element of their jobs, 2) HOW to use skills they already possess to give an effective presentation, 3) WHY a presentation in NOT about saying everything they know about a subject but IS about helping the audience learn what the audience wants and needs to know, 4) WHAT the key elements of an effective presentation are, and 5) HOW to avoid the pitfalls of PowerPoint.

DISC Teambuilding Workshop
During the DISC Teambuilding Workshop, participants will learn more about their own communication styles. They will recognize and explore ways they prefer to act, relate, work, socialize, and deal with change, as well as the ways they prefer to be approached, consulted, and involved in a group process.