Wheexcecutive-speech-coachingn you’re a leader, you need to stand out every time you give a speech. Your reputation and the success of your organization depend on your ability to influence and inspire audiences. Executive speech coaching can help.

You are undoubtedly already a good speaker or else you wouldn’t have risen as high as you have. But if you want to be even better – more confident, more commanding, more effective – you may benefit from working with an executive speech coach like Chris Witt.

1. Speech coaching will bring out your best. Who you are – your character, personality, values, passion – is central to what you communicate. The last thing you want or need is a coach who will try to make you look and sound like someone else. Chris Witt will help you be your best in front of an audience.

2. Speech coaching does more than tinker with the incidentals. Most people who call themselves executive speech coaches are primarily stage directors. They tell you how to stand and gesture and in
sist that you use more vocal variety. Chris Witt takes you deeper into understanding the dynamics of how to speak like a leader.

In the pages that follow you’ll find more about how Chris Witt coaches leaders and aspiring leaders who want to speak in a way that captures their audience’s attention and respect.

Executive Speech Coach
Most speech coaches focus on delivery, as if you’re an actor and they’re directors. (“Stand this way. Don’t use that gesture.”) Chris focuses more on strategy and message formation, regarding you as a leader and himself as a trusted advisor.

FAQ for Executive Speech Coaching
Why hire an executive speech coach? How does speech coaching work? How can you work with a speech coach who isn’t even in your city?