More and more companies—in engineering, software, biotechnology and healthcare, information technology and information systems, telecommunications, defense—rely on their technical experts to make presentations.

Engineers, chemists, biologists, physicists, and computer and IT specialists know what they’re talking about. But they are often frustrated by their inability to communicate what they know. And their audiences are equally frustrated.

The success of these technical experts—and of their companies—depends on their ability to make clear, engaging, and actionable presentations.

“Because of Chris Witt’s training, I’m able to deliver professional briefings—to three-and four-star generals, Members of Congress, and leaders of foreign armed forces—in a manner that not only gets my message across but also keeps the listener’s attention.”

– Matt McCarthy, Program Director
Ft. Lewis Mission Support Training Facility

Christopher Witt provides presentation training workshops throughout Southern California—San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles—for technical experts who need to communicate in a way that other people can understand, care about, and act on.

Technical experts can profit from any presentation workshop that helps them gain basic skills.

But they can benefit even more from a presentation training program that is designed specifically for them and delivered by someone who appreciates how they think.

“Chris Witt understands the people in my IT department and how they communicate. More importantly, he helps them understand how to communicate their ideas to non-IT people clearly and persuasively.”

– Joseph Tamayo, CTO, Community Health Group

Chris Witt works with companies throughout San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. His clients include IBM, Intuit, Johnson Controls, General Electric, Sprint, Northrop Grumman, Sempra Energy, Sony, BioGen Idec, Agouron Pfizer, and the Yale School of Medicine.

His presentation training workshops help technical experts gain people’s understanding, respect, and support.

One-Day or Two-Day Presentation Training Workshops

Witt’s presentation training workshops—one-day or two-day—are highly interactive, informative, and unfailingly supportive. Participants are kept so busy giving mini-presentations that they never have time to get nervous about speaking.

In these workshops participants will learn—and practice—skills and strategies that enable them to:

  • Present complex material in a clear, concise, and engaging manner
  • Overcome their nervousness, and speak with confidence
  • Establish rapport with any audience
  • Project a sense of confidence and competence
  • Respond to questions without getting flustered
  • Minimize negative or distracting mannerisms
  • Create—and repurpose—presentations quickly and efficiently
  • Use visual aids and multimedia to illustrate and explain their content
  • Gain people’s attention, respect, and cooperation

“This presentation has changed forever the way that I do Presentations. Chris Witt is a wonderful resource.”

Alison Butler, Senior Information Engineer, Teradata Corporation

Contact Us About Presentation Training Workshops

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