Chris Witt’s presentations help executives, business owners, and technical experts — engineers, programmers, and scientists — get better results from their presentations.

He gave his first paid speech 27 years ago, and in following years has given thousands of speeches throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. He taught speech and communication skills at three different graduate programs. He coaches clients around the world.

He teaches skills and strategies he has honed in front of live audiences.

“Chris Witt has a rare and special gift. His evaluations are absolute rave reviews. I appreciate his total engagement with us and his constant encouragement.”

Kay Collier-Slone, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Solo Flight

If you want a speaker who will engage your audience’s intellects and emotions, appeal to their sense of humor, and make lasting improvements in how they communicate, you’ll want to talk to Chris Witt.

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Chris Witt’s most requested speeches and presentations

Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint
In this program participants will learn WHY they speak differently — or should speak differently — from other people, WHAT PowerPoint can and cannot help them accomplish, and HOW they can speak more powerfully without using PowerPoint.

How Leaders Speak
In this program participants will learn WHY the main objective of every speech a leader gives is to shape an audience’s identity, influence their way of seeing things, and inspire them to act, HOW to invest more of themselves into ever speech they give, and WHAT they can do to increase their impact as speakers.

The Three Speeches Every Leader Needs
In this program participants will learn how to increase their impact as speakers by developing three basic speeches: 1) “Who We Are,” 2) “Why We Do What We Do,” and 3) “Where We Are Headed.”

The Facts Don’t Speak for Themselves
This program is designed for technical experts who want to present themselves and their ideas in a way that wins an audience’s understanding and cooperation.

The New Rules for Technical Presentations
In this program participants will learn WHY giving presentations is an essential element of their jobs, HOW to use skills they already possess to give an effective presentation, and WHAT the 5 rules of an effective presentation are.

How to Plan, Organize, and Deliver a Technical Presentation
In this program participants will learn how to plan a winning strategy for each presentation, deliver a presentation with confidence, maintain an audience’s interest and understanding, turn the Q&A session to their advantage, and increase their value to their organization.