The success of more and more companies these days depends on how well their engineers, programmers, and scientists present what they know to a variety of non-technical audiences — to clients and prospective customers, to people in management, finance, sales and marketing.

Program Objectives

In this program participants will learn how to

  1. Plan a winning strategy for each presentation
  2. Deliver a presentation with confidence
  3. Maintain an audience’s interest and understanding
  4. Turn the Q&A session to their advantage
  5. Increase their value to their organization

Program Outline

  • Effective technical presentations communicate information in a way that people can understand, remember, and implement.
    Technical experts usually try to present everything they know, which confuses and/or bores most audiences. They will learn how to plan a presentation that addresses their audience’s needs, experience, and background and that accomplishes its goal.
  • PowerPoint™ is a technical presenter’s best friend/worst enemy.
    PowerPoint™ is a great tool for conveying information. But it also allows presenters to hide behind their slides and to overwhelm their audiences with too much information. Participants will learn how to use PowerPoint™ to illustrate and reinforce their message.
  • The Q&A session is one of the most important aspects of any presentation.
    Many technical experts dislike taking questions from the audience, afraid that they’ll be asked something they don’t know. They will learn how to leverage Q&A, using it as a way of involving their audiences and of clarifying and strengthening their message.
  • Technical experts can become confident, engaging presenters.
    They think that their presentations have to be objective and impersonal. They also tend to be introverts, intimidated by speaking to groups of strangers. They will learn how to develop confidence, rapport with their audiences, and a more lively delivery.

Program Format

  • Keynote Speech (45 Minutes to 1 Hour) covers these topics, giving illustrations and how-tos.
  • Workshop (Half Day to Two Days) goes into each topic in more depth and coaches participants through exercises designed to increase their “influence factor.”


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