Your success as a technical expert – engineer, researcher, scientist, programmer – as well as the success of your organization depend not just on your technical or scientific expertise but also on your presentation skills.

Your technical expertise is only of value if you can present what you know in a way that other people can understand and put to use.

As you rise in your organization, you need to become not just a technical expert, but an expert technical presenter.

tech-pres1. The facts don’t speak for themselves.
It’s your responsibility to gather the facts, assess them, understand them, and present them in a way that other people can understand and use. Facts don’t speak for themselves – you speak for them.

2. The best ideas don’t always win out.
It isn’t enough to come up with a great idea (project, proposal, process, or product). You have to sell it to others – convince them of its value.

3. Communication and leadership skills go hand in hand.
The best way to increase your value to your organization and to position yourself as a leader is to improve your communication and presentation skills.

Speech and Presentation Coaching for Technical Presenters

In the pages that follow you’ll find more about how Chris Witt coaches engineers, scientists, researchers, programmers, and the like – professionals who know what they’re talking about and who want to know how to talk about it.

Coaching for Technical Presenters
Chris Witt works with scientists, engineers, and programmers who want to interact more efficiently and productively with people in all different fields. He focuses primarily on their communication and presentation skills.

Team Coaching for Oral Proposals
Depending on your team’s needs and resources, Chris Witt, an orals coach with experience on over 200 oral proposals, will lead them through any or every phase of a six-step process for planning and delivering a winning oral proposal.