The Elements of a Great Speech

Demosthenes, the father of Greek oratory, identified the four elements of a great speech: 1) a great person, 2) a noteworthy event, 3) a compelling message, and 4) a masterful delivery.

Why Leaders Speak

Leaders speak for one (or all) of three reasons: 1) to establish the identity of the audience, 2) to influence how the audience thinks and feels, and 3) to inspire the audience to take action

Big Ideas or Big Words

Every speech or presentation should be built around one idea. Just one idea. But it has to be a “Big Idea.” There seems to be an inverse correlation between BIG WORDS and BIG IDEAS. The bigger the words used in a speech, the smaller the idea.

The Big Idea of a Speech

For the most part, we need not more information, but a way of understanding the information we already have access to. That’s why leaders and successful presenters promote ideas. An idea, if it’s any good, organizes, ties together, and explains the significance and the implications of information.

How to End a Speech | In Conclusion

The way you end a speech is what people will remember. A weak ending to a speech is like a limp handshake: it leaves people with a bad impression.